1988 – Annie

Davenport Theatre

Mon 24th Oct 1988 19:15
Tue 25th Oct 1988 19:15
Wed 26th Oct 1988 19:15
Thu 27th Oct 1988 19:15
Fri 28th Oct 1988 19:15
Sat 29th Oct 1988 14:15
Sat 29th Oct 1988 19:15

Louise Barnes as
Duffy – an Orphan
Marion Barton- Bentley as
Frances Perkins / Company
Lisa Chadwick as
Annette / Connie (a Boylan Sister) /Company
Lindsay Clarke as
Pepper – an Orphan
Lisa Clarke as
Molly – an Orphan
Stanley Crabtree as
Henry Morgenthau/ Company
Suzanne Crowshaw as
Molly – an Orphan
Gillian Dale as
Lily St. Regis / Dance Captain
Alison Daniels as
Cecille / A Star to be./ Ronnie (a Boylan Sister) /Company
Frank Dean as
Bert Healy
Nicola Devlin as
Company / Understudy for Pepper
Katherine Doherty as
Bonnie (a Boylan Sister) / Compamy
Jerry Ellins as
Apple Seller/Sound Effects Man/Justice Brandeis
Helene Field as
Tessie – an Orphan
Dorothy M. Fish as
Miss Hannigan
Lynsey Green as
July – an Orphan
Paul Hargreaves as
Bundles McCloskey / Timmie Johnson
John Harrison as
Oliver Warbucks
John P Hilliard as
Rooster Hannigan
Bernard Keegan as
Dog Catcher/Cordell Hull / Company
Eileen Kinsey as
Sophie the Kettle / Mrs Greer / Company
Kathryn Lunn as
Company / Understudy for Kate and Tessie
Bobby McConkey (A DOG) as
Lee McGregor as
Dog Catcher/Harols Ickes / Fred McCracken
Joe Mollard as
Louis Howe
Mary Parker (nee Vernon) as
Grace Farrell
Malcolm Parkes as
Charlotte Telford as
Company / Understudy for Annie
Angela Tolley as
Kate – an Orphan
Robert Tunnicliffe as
Lt. Ward / Franklin D Roosevelt#
Joan Walton as
Mrs. Pugh / Company
Helen Warburton as

Pat Marney (was Felton/Martin)
Nicky McGregor (was Lambert)
Sheila Robinson
Amanda Weate

Ron (Ronald) Arscott
Frank Buckley
Ticket Secretary
Gordon Butler
Linda K. Chadwick
Wardrobe Mistress
Frank Dean
Keith Hoskinson
Musical Director
Robert (Bob) Howorth
Stage Director / Supply of additional props
Kenneth Jarvis FCA
Rod & Pam Lambert
Micky Merriman
Director and Choreographer
Barbara Norton
Wardrobe Assistant
Damien Norton
Norman J Parker
Deputy Chairman
Mrs Annie Pratt
Stagesets – London
Carole Stoney
Asst. Wardrobe Mistress
Marjorie Tinning
Norman Walton (dec’d March 2007)
Mrs Patricia Warburton
S.B. Watts & Co Ltd. – 18 New Brown St. Manchester
Dafydd Williams

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