2005 – Me and My Girl

The Plaza, Stockport

Mon 10th Oct 2005 19:15
Tue 11th Oct 2005 19:15
Wed 12th Oct 2005 19:15
Thu 13th Oct 2005 19:15
Fri 14th Oct 2005 19:15
Sat 15th Oct 2005 14:15
Sat 15th Oct 2005 18:15

Carol Ackers as
Lady Battersby

Tony Alexander as
Lord Battersby

Peter Bird as
Barman / Henri de Hareford

Roy Botham as
Richard de hareford

Peter Bowler as
Charles, the Butler / Constable

Jennifer Cotton as
Mrs Brown / Cook

Brian Ganderton as
Sir John Tremayne

Hannah Goodinson as
Sally Smith

Catherine Harrison as
Maid #2 / Cockney Girl

Pat Helicon as
Lady Brighton

Janice Jackson as
Maid #1

Terry Jordan-Killoran as
Footman #2

Claire Keegan as
Hon. May Miles

Pat Marney (was Felton/Martin) as
Pearly Queen

Suzanne Mather as
Maria, Duchess of Dene

Gerry McLoughlin as
Lord Damming / Rupert Hareford

Nicola (Nicky) Mead as
Lady Jacqueline Carstone

Irene Minshull as
Lady Diss

Malcolm Moss as
Pearly King / Johnathan Hareford

Janet Penney as
Maid #4

Godfrey Roylance as
The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke

Harry Slater as
Sir Jasper Tring

Ron Sugden as
Herbert Parchester the Family Solicitor

Ben Sweeney as
Simon de Hareford

Eleanor Wales as
Mrs Stainsley- Asherton

Yvonne Walsh as
Maid #3

Debbie Wood as
Telegraph Girl

Amelia Woodall as
Mrs Worthington- Worthington

Brian Ganderton

John Gray
Stage Director

Beryl Gresty (nee Whitehead)
Deputy Stage Manager

Nigel Griffiths
Lighting Design

Brian Marney
Ticket Secretary

Joyce Moss

Martin Ogden

Perceptions Theatre Costumes Ltd.

Jemma Prescott
Assistant Choreographer

Martyn Preston
Bill Snibson and Show Director

Scenic Projects Ltd
Scenery & Properties

Shellie-Beth Sinclair

Sylvia Stopford
Make up

Claire Sweeney
Musical Director

Grahame Sykes

George and Mary Wood

Shellie-Beth Sinclair – Best Choreographer
Manchester Musical Awards