2007 – Showboat

The Plaza, Stockport

Tue 30th Oct 2007 19:15
Wed 31st Oct 2007 19:15
Thu 1st Nov 2007 19:15
Fri 2nd Nov 2007 19:15
Sat 3rd Nov 2007 14:15
Sat 3rd Nov 2007 19:15

Anne Adshead as
Townspeople etc.

Brent Andrews as
Gaylord Ravenal

James Ashley as
Townspeople etc.

Peter Bird as
Vallon the Sherriff

Pauline Browne as
Parthy Ann Hawkes

Roger Browne as
Cap’n Andy

Louise Burchell as
Dollie / Townspeople

Tricia Byrne as
Townspeople etc.

Janice Carey as
Townspeople etc..

Jennifer Cotton as
Mrs O’Brien

Marjorie Dunn as
Townspeople etc.

Gillian Edwards as
Townspeople etc.

Kay Edwards as

Lynda Edworthy as
Townspeople etc.

Roy Ellison as
Windy McClain (a River pilot)

Tom Farnworth as
Frank Schultz

Karen Flynn as
Townspeople etc.

Alison Gill as
Mrs Hammond / Townspeople

Kay Hall as
Townspeople etc.

Anthony Jackman as

Sue Knaggs as
Townspeople etc.

Laura Lambert as
Townspeople etc.

Fiona McIntosh as
Lottie / Girl on Levee / Townspeople

Gerry McLoughlin as
Townspeople etc

Alan Mercer as
Rubberface/First Barker/Jake

Irene Minshull as
Townsfolk etc

Anna Murgatroyd as
Magnolia Hawkes

Jill Ratcliffe as
Julie LaVerne

John Saxon as
Second Barker/Man on Levee

Ben Sweeney as
Third Barker/Levee Worker

Dan Taylor as
Pete Gavin

Colin Titley as
Steve Baker / Jim

Elizabeth Toplis as
Ellie May Chipley

Laura Vesey as
Townsfolk etc

Krissa Wadsworth as
Townsfolk etc

Samantha Ward as
Townsfolk etc

Amelia Woodall as
Townsfolk etc

Fred Worrall as
Townsfolk etc

Pat Marney (was Felton/Martin)

Production Team

Clifford & Brown – Nuneaton as

Bromiley – Crewe

Pauline Browne

Excel Theatre Costumes Ltd.
Costume Design & Supply

Brian Ganderton

John Gray
Stage Director

Beryl Gresty (nee Whitehead)
Deputy Stage Manager

Geoffrey Holme
Show Director

Kay Lilley

Brian Marney
Ticket Secretary

Martin Ogden

Sylvia Stopford
Make Up

Claire Sweeney
Musical Director

Grahame Sykes
Sound Engineer

George and Mary Wood
Property Co-ordinators

Peter Wright
Lighting Design

Pauline Browne – Best Supporting Actress
Manchester Musical Awards

Tony Jackman – Best Supporting Actor
Manchester Musical Awards