2017 – Oklahoma!

The Plaza, Stockport
Tue 24th Oct 2017 19:15
Wed 25th Oct 2017 19:15
Thu 26th Oct 2017 19:15
Fri 27th Oct 2017 19:15
Sat 28th Oct 2017 14:15
Sat 28th Oct 2017 19:15

Carol Ackers as
Aunt Eller Murphy

Gary Jones-McCaw as
Curly McLain / Curly

Sarah Thewlis as
Laurey Williams

Matt Copsey as
Ike Skidmore

Simon Fitzpatrick as
Slim Chalmers

Ben Drane as
Will Parker

Rhys Nuttall as
Jud Fry

Jordanne Woodward as
‘Ado’ Annie Carnes

Allessio Scappaticci as
Ali Hakin

Natalie Wright as
Gertie Cummings

Gemma Chapman as

Megan Curley as
Kate / Laurey in Ballet / Ensemble

Lauren Brown as

Erin Heywood as

Sarah Priestly as

David Noble as
Andrew Carnes

Kieron Hickey as
Cord Elam

Michael Jones-McCaw as

Claire Sweeney as
Musical Director

Gary Jones-McCaw as

Tracy Harper & Vanessa Rothwell as
Stage Managers

Matt Kayes as
Lighting Design and Operator

Graham Sykes as
Sound Design and Control

Brenda Starkey & George E Wood as
Property Co-ordinators

Mary Wood as
Property Assistant

Mary Kitching as

Alexandra Bailey as
Make-up Coordinator

Bob Howarth as
Technical Liason

Costumes Designed and Supplied by
“The Boyz” Theatre Costumes, Lancashire

Wigs Supplied by
The Wig Centre, Denton, Lancashire

Scenery Supplied by
UK Productions, Godalming, Surrey

Properties Supplied by
HWL(UK) Ltd, Denton

Carol Ackers as
Ticket Secretary & Raffle Organiser

Dafydd Williams as
House Manager

Programme Photography by
Steven Bailey Photography, Hyde

Programme Editor and Design by
Brian Ganderton

Programme Information by
Ann Ganderton & Brian Marney

Programme and Publicity Printing by
P D Print Ltd, Hyde

Tony Martin
Hon Auditor

General Manager
Ted Doan

Operations Manager
Peter Johnson

Technical Manager
Rosie Holdaway

Box Office
Brian Marney, Chris Nagle & Joyce Smith