2018 – Me and My Girl

The Plaza, Stockport
Tue 16th Oct 2018 19:15
Wed 17th Oct 2018 19:15
Thu 18th Oct 2018 19:15
Fri 19th Oct 2018 19:15
Sat 20th Oct 2018 14:15
Sat 20th Oct 2018 19:15

Matt Castle as
Lord Battersby

Carol Ackers as
Lady Battersby

Peter Bowler as
Sir Jasper Tring

Hannah Edwards as
Lady Jaqueline Carstone

Ben Drake as
The Hon Gerald Bolingbroke

Kieran Hickey as
Charles, the Butler

Paul Ryan as
Herbert Parchester

Lisa Kay as
Maria, Dutchess of Dene

Frank Dean as
Sir John Tremayne

Michael Jones-McCaw as
Bill Snibson

Kate Shaw as
Sally Smith

Calum Power as
Footman 1

Matt Copsey as
Footman 2

Phil Gibbons as
Footman 3

Jenny Arundale as
Maid 1

Natalie Wright as
Maid 2

Kathryn Shenton as
Maid 3

Chloe Hewitt as

Ben Vaughan as

Roy Botham as

Liam Bunka as

Alison Moss as
Mrs Worthington-Worthington

Claire Keegan as
Lady Brighton

Phil Gibbons as
Lord Damming

Matt Copsey as
Lord French

Selina Adams as
Lady Diss

Eleanor Burke as
Mrs Satinsley-Ashteron

Calum Power as
Pearly King

Lauren Brown as
Pearly Queen

Ben Vaughan as
Simon de Hereford

Matt Copsey as
Thomas de Hereford

Ethan Wade as
Richard de Hareford

Chloe Hewitt as
Edward de Hareford

Liam Bunka as
Henry de Hareford

Jenny Arundale as
Louis de Hareford

Calum Power as
Rupert Hareford

Lauren Brown as
Charles Hareford

Tom Cunningham as
Jonahan Hareford

Eleanor Burke as
Arther Hareford

Ethan Wade as
Telegraph Boy

Selina Adams as
Mrs Brown

Liam Bunka as
Bob Barking

Claire Keegan as
Cockney Girl

Peter Bowler as

Michael Jones-McCaw as

Claire Sweeney as
Musical Director

Gary Jones-McCaw as

Tracy Harper & Vanessa Rothwell as
Stage Managers

Lauren Brown
Dance Captain

Matt Kayes as
Lighting Design and Operator

Graham Sykes
Sound Design and Control

Brenda Starkey
Property Co-ordinators

Mary Wood
Property Assistant

Mary Kitching

Alexandra Bailey
Make-up Coordinator

Alex’s Team
Makeup Assistants

Costumes Designed and Supplied by
Charades Theatrical Costume Hire, St Helens

Wigs Supplied by
The Wig Centre, Denton, Lancashire

Scenery Supplied by
Scenic Projects Ltd, Beccles

Properties Supplied by
HWL(UK) Ltd, Denton, Brenda Starkey & George E. Wood

Brian Marney
Ticket Secretary

Carol Ackers
Assistant Ticket Secretary

Dafydd Williams
House Manager

Stockport OS Front of House Staff
Programme & Raffle Ticket Sales

Programme Photography by
Steven Bailey Photography, Hyde

Programme Editor and Design by
Brian Ganderton

Programme Information by
Ann Ganderton & Brian Marney

Programme Setting Out
GANDesign Services, Oldham

Programme and Publicity Printing by
P D Print Ltd, Hyde

Tony Martin
Hon Auditor

Margaret Drabble & Mary Kitching
Rehearsal Refreshments

General Manager
Ted Doan

Operations Manager
Peter Johnson

Technical Manager
Rosie Holdaway

Box Office
Brian Marney, Chris Nagle & Joyce Smith